Stem Cell Therapy

***Stem Cell therapy is currently not provided in our clinic. Case studies are showing that 2-3 PRP sessions are yielding similar results to 1 Stem Cell treatment at a fraction of the cost***
Stem Cell therapy is performed by either harvesting stem cells from the patient’s bone or fat tissue (very painful) or harvesting them from the umbilical cord/placenta during a viable c-section birth (very expensive) and then injecting them into the damaged tissues. Stem cells are immature cells that can repair and regenerate damages tissues. Stem Cell therapy is considered to be the most aggressive form of Regenerative Medicine but it is also the most expensive. Most patients seeking regenerative medicine will respond favorably to PRP therapy, at a fraction of the price, without having to consider the more expensive option of doing stem cell therapy. However, if all attempts to repair the tissues naturally using PRP therapy have been exhausted then Stem Cell Therapy is a good “final option” before considering an invasive, risky procedure like surgery.