Our Story...

Utah Spine + Sport was founded by Dr Dallas Makin in 2009.

Growing up, Dr Makin excelled in sports, especially in his biggest passion... football. He was a 3 year starter at American Fork High School, earning All-State honors as a running back his junior year and attracting scholarship offers from D1 schools Nationwide.

Unfortunately, he suffered a career ending knee injury early in his senior season... that life-altering event lead to 2 key outcomes that have made Utah Spine + Sport what it is today:

The First.. it birthed a passion within him to help athletes maximize their injury prevention and dramatically speed their injury recovery, while minimizing their downtime from their sport. This has been the culture that US&S is built upon and has lead him to become one of Utah's top sports medicine physicians.

The Second.. the injury weakened the cartilage in his knees… leading him to develop 'bone on bone' by the age of 35. Not fun right?... don't worry, there is a happy ending... this re-birthed a new passion that has changed his life and the lives of his patients… adding Regenerative Medicine to his practice! Dr Makin has been his own patient and feels like he has turned back the clock 20 years on his aging knees since using Ozone, Prolozone and PRP therapies. He currently runs 15-25 miles per week, skis moguls all winter long and enjoys all his favorite sports… without pain... and he has fine-tuned this same protocols he has used on himself, and thousands of other athletes, to offer YOU the very best care modern medicine can provide.

All of our chiropractic physicians and assistants are highly to trained to follow these life-changing protocols to provide you with consistent results, every time. They are standing by to help you get your health back so don't hesitate to call and take the first step of getting back to the things you love.