Collection: Express Passes

Express Passes: for fast and affordable Chiropractic or Acupuncture visits.

We created the Express Pass to help you get the most bang for your buck by saving big on time and money!! (Which we could all use a little more of these days, right?!) As a gesture of your regular commitment to your health, we’ve committed to saving you money.

3 Easy Steps to Get Started:

1-Choose the pass that works best for your needs. (Note that each visit may either be a chiropractic or acupuncture visit, but not both in the same visit).
2-Set up auto pay for your chosen pass. The Express Pass is a monthly plan that will auto-renew every 30 days from your sign-up date. You may cancel at anytime with 30 days notice.
3-Get Scheduled so you can start reaping the benefits of this amazing pass.

How the Pass Works:
1-Get In: this pass gives you access to our most flexible scheduling so we can get you in faster and easier.
2-Get Treated Fast: these visits are designed to get you in & out in 20 min or less (they are not intended to be lengthy diagnosis or therapy visits, if you need those then you’ll need to schedule a separate visit, these are designed to be quick and proficient adjustment or acupuncture visits)
-You’ll still receive our superior standard of care and unrivaled expertise... just with the chit chat and fluff removed.
-To keep things moving smooth, we’ll have to be flexible, so your visit will be with whichever doctor is available at the time.
3-Get Back to Life: due to this pass’s flexible scheduling and monthly auto pay… getting out the door afterwards is a flash.
4- Walk around wearing a smile all day because you just saved time and money while investing in your most valuable asset… your health!

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