RE:NU Zone Therapy 

The RE:NU Zone is a unique therapy area designed to target the most powerful factor controlling your ability to heal, stay healthy, and slow the aging process: your Mitochondria. 

Cool Fact about Mitochondria: Did you know that your mitochondria creates 10,000 times more energy (pound for pound) than the sun, every single day? Isn't that incredible?

RE:NU Zone Therapy 

What is Mitochondria?

The mitochondria are tiny organs (so small you can fit 10B on the head of a pin) inside our cells that determine how well our cells function and produce energy called ATP.

All healing and aging is determined by these little organs! The healthier they are the healthier you are (and the slower you age), and the more unhealthy they are.

The more unhealthy you are (and the faster you age)! Period.

So, if healing/aging is determined by the mitochondria (inside the cell), why do others spend so much valuable time and money trying to get results by treating the tissue (outside the cell) and ignoring the powerhouses inside the cell?

Well, we have 2 answers for you.

  1. They just don't know any better: A lot of it comes down to training, education, expertise and often convenience,but that doesn't change the fact that it is impossible to get optimal results in healing and anti-aging without treating the mitochondria. it has to be a critical part of any plan if you expect to get optimal results.
  2. We won't do that to you: In our experience there are doctors out there that will either focus solely on one or the other.but we're different, we have created a carefully-designed protocol to address both the mitochondria and the tissues, this way we get the absolute fastest, most-optimal results possible!

How Does RE:NU Zone Therapy Work?

The re:nu zone protocol strategically uses multiple therapies that work to help these little organs function at their absolute highest level possible. which means you and your Tissues will function at your/their absolute highest level possible!

No other therapy office in Utah has a come-and-go membership plan like the re:nu zone that allows you to come and get the most-advanced MITOCHONDRIAL THERAPY to maximize prevention, performance, recovery and anti-aging.

The re:nu zone is a state-of-the-art therapy area within Utah Spine & Sport that allows you to come, get your treatment and get back to life without having to take out a second mortgage to have access to this amazing technology.

How Long Does it Take for this Therapy to work?

The protocol consists of coming in for weekly or biweekly maintenance therapy sessions where your mitochondria will be super-charged to stay healthy and in-turn keep you healthy! Since you won't need to see the doctor (your visits will be guided by one of our trained technicians), it will be easy to schedule regular sessions that work best for you. Most sessions will take between 20-45 minutes.

RE:NU Zone Therapy in Utah

Unlock the Power of RE:NU Zone Therapy at Utah Spine & Sport. Reach out to us and learn about the benefits of this innovative treatment. Our expert team, led by Dr. Dallas Makin, has extensive knowledge in various medical techniques. Call 801-709-9797 or request a consultation through our Online Appointment form today.