We value our patients’ experience at Utah Spine + Sport. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire.

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Dr. Dallas Makin
Your Pleasant Grove Chiropractor

Auto Accident, Kidney Problems, Chronic Low Back Pain:

?I was in an auto accident that resulted in whiplash and neck pain. I had also been extremely sick with a virus and had very low kidney function. Dr. Makin immediately pinpointed what the problems were and had a treatment plan ready. The plan included Chiropractic, AK and Acupuncture. Within 2 weeks of treatment, my kidney function had improved 40% (my M.D. was amazed), my headaches were gone and my body was responding very well to the treatment, even my chronic low back pain was improving! The AK that Dr. Makin is trained in is amazing, he can pinpoint specifics that I never told him about and knows how to really listen to your body. It is truly amazing! I would recommend Dr. Makin to family and friends ? he cares about each individual and truly wants to improve your quality of life. He is an excellent Doctor and very good at his profession!?

– Jill, Lindon UT

Prevention and Maintenance Care:

?I am so impressed with Dr Makin. He has totally turned my health around! I would not go anywhere else! I fully recommend him to anyone who?s serious about getting healthy. He?s the only one I trust for my family!?

– Dr. Hal Lewis, Sandy UT

Acute Low Back Pain, Falling Injury:

?I came to Dr. Makin after falling down my stairs. I wasn?t sure if Chiropractic and Acupuncture could help this early on but once I explained my fall and reported my symptoms I was reassured that I came to the right place. After a very thorough exam I was treated with acupuncture, applied kinesiology and chiropractic. I went from an 8 in pain to a 3 in just one day. Not to mention going the whole night without ANY pain! Being a mother of 2 active young kids I really appreciated Dr. Makin getting me back to BETTER than my old self.?

– Ashlie, Riverton UT

Pregnancy, Back Pain, Headaches, Cramping:

?My personal experiences with Dr. Makin have been amazing since day one. I started seeing him because I had been having back problems, strong headaches daily and many other symptoms/complaints for the past 3 or 4 years. I kept ignoring those problems until I became pregnant for my third time and finally realized that I only get one body for all my life and became worried I wasn?t doing my part to keep it strong and healthy.

I cannot thank Dr. Makin enough for what he has done for me! All the problems and complaints I had are gone. I sleep so much better at night, have much more energy during the day, became happier and the most important thing is I FEEL GREAT!!

I would 110% recommend Dr. Makin to anyone out there that feels like it is time to start taking better care of their body and also ready to start feeling and becoming HEALTHIER!

– Jhulliana, Lehi UT

Maintenance and Prevention Care:

?Upon hearing all of the great things my wife had to say about Dr. Makin, I scheduled an appointment of my own. She was right! Dr. Makin is an excellent find. If you are looking for a skilled, caring, and knowledgeable chiropractor, look no further? you have found him!?

– Stan A., Orem UT

Digestion Problems:

?I had been having a digestion problem for months. My brother suggested that I see a chiropractor that does AK to help solve the problem, so he sent me to Dr Makin. On the first visit he found two major problems in particular and addressed those points. From that point on I have had better digestion and it just keeps getting better as I keep going.?

– Patrick, Provo UT

Child, Ear Aches, Cold/Flu:

?I brought my daughter into Dr. Makin for an ear infection which she has had many times before. In the previous times when I?ve taken her to her pediatrician they have just given her antibiotics, which have caused her to vomit very easily. Dr. Makin was able to work on her ileocecal valve to help her vomiting and he adjusted her neck and used acupuncture for her ear infection. Later that day she didn?t even act like she was sick. Her recovery was like night and day without the side effects of antibiotics. Dr. Makin has also treated her for a cold virus and also had Great results. I would definitely recommend him!?

– Carole, Orem UT

Insomnia, Stomach Pain:

? I have been to several chiropractors before and many times not seen much results. I have been to Dr. Makin for insomnia and stomach problem and get relief the same day. I am sleeping much better and more regular than I have in months. I have noticed that Dr. Makin also spends more time and is more thorough than most chiropractors. I am very pleased with the results I?ve had from Dr. Makin. I would definitely recommend him!?

– Carole, Orem UT

Pregnancy, Childbirth:

?I was pregnant with my third child and wanted a natural delivery. When my water broke at 40 weeks I assumed labor would soon follow but after 24 hours labor still hadn?t begun. I then saw Dr. Makin where he adjusted me and applied acupuncture to induce labor. I was having regular contractions before he had even finished. Almost six hours later my baby was born without any interventions other than what Dr. Makin applied. Without him I wouldn?t have achieved the natural birth I wanted.?

– Shyrell, American Fork, UT

Shoulder, Neck and Back:

?I recently had my shoulder operated on. I had torn my labrum as well as partially torn my rotator cuff. A year previously I did the same thing with my other shoulder. The first surgery involving the rehab took a lot of time, which became very frustrating. I came to Dr. Makin within a month after my second surgery with stiffness in my back, neck, arm and shoulder. I also had sharp pains, including pinching which was really annoying. Dr. Makin was able to adjust me in a way that relieved the tension as well as the sharp pains. And he did it in a manner that never caused pain on my recently operated shoulder. It was relief I didn?t have for my first surgery, it made a HUGE difference! I was impressed and pleased with the treatment I received and without a doubt would recommend Dr. Makin to anyone who has any type of problem. Dr. Makin is very knowledgeable and you can tell he cares about your well-being.?

– Brandon B., Provo, UT

Severe Headaches/Migraines:

?I came in to Dr. Makin experiencing headaches almost daily. They were getting to the point I couldn?t even sleep because of the pain. I had been to several doctors all saying different things but nothing they tried worked. My wife found Dr. Makin and we decided to try him out. After Only a few visits the frequency and intensity of the headaches decreased. After a few months, I now get very few headaches, they go away faster, and they are less painful.?

– Nate S., Provo U


?I got off track maintaining my health and was always fatigued. Dr Makin took the time to really find out the causes of my problems. He gave me the tools I needed to help get on track to total health. Now, after following his recommendations and getting treatment I feel better and better every day. I find myself in the evenings with energy to spare instead of fighting sleep at 7 pm. I started to see small changes and gradually have seen big changes, more energy, better posture and a more positive outlook on life. I would definitely recommend Dr Makin!?

– J. Anderson, American Fork UT

Low Back Pain:

?I saw Dr. Makin for low back pain from playing with my 2 year old. I was unable to sit comfortably while studying for school and couldn?t play my favorite sport, racquetball. Prior to adjusting me, Dr. Makin used muscle tests to determine the nature of my low back pain. He found that my pain was related to a displaced pelvis and not my back at all. Following the corrective adjustments, he performed acupuncture to help with the pain. After treatment I was immediately able to move without pain and more importantly I was able to play Dr. Makin in a game of racquetball.?

– Kevin R.

Female Issues, General Health:

?Dr. Makin has treated me for several things and found many helpful solutions for me. He is fantastic at helping you become informed about your treatment and he is very knowledgeable. I had NEVER had a normal menstrual cycle, until Dr. Makin worked on me. Dr. Makin helped find a solution specific for me, it became normal SOON after. It was a great feeling to know that what he did worked! J He is like no other Chiropractor I have been to. He makes sure you are comfortable and makes you constantly aware of what he is going to do. I would recommend anyone to him!! We love you Dr. Makin!?

– Amber R.

Severe Low Back Pain:

?I?ve been experiencing lower back pain for the past 9-10 years. And a lot of nerve pain started in my lower back and around my left hip and went down my left leg. I?ve done everything from massage treatments to injections into my lower back nerves, which seemed to only be a temporary fix. I?ve been seeing Dr. Makin now 2 times a week for a month and after just the second and third visits I noticed a huge difference in how I felt and what I?m able to do as far as bending and overall movement that was restricted before by pain. I know that from all the stress and work I have put on my back over the years that my back is far from ever being completely pain free, but I do know that from the treatments I?ve received in the past month, I?m able to do things that I was not able to before, and I would and have recommended Dr. Makin to both friends and family. Thanks!?

– Brian, Pleasant Grove UT

Neck Pain, Stress:

?I came to Dr. Makin because I was having a lot of neck pain. I had been under a lot of stress at the time and could really feel the effects on my body. On the first visit he used Applied Kinesiology to determine the areas of weakness in my body and then began to treat them. After a couple of visits I felt a lot better and now the neck pain is gone. I really appreciated how Dr. Makin took the time to explain the treatments and the way the body normally functions. It is clear that he cares about his patients and wants them to understand how to stay healthy. I would recommend this clinic to all of my friends and family because I know they would be in good hands.?

– Shaundra, Provo UT

Fatigue, Stress:

?Before I first started treatments with Dr. Makin I was always exhausted. I never seemed to sleep well or have the energy I needed to get things done. Dr. Makin found that my stress levels were much too high and it was causing all sorts of problems. After a few weeks of seeing Dr. Makin I have much more energy, I am able to think clearer and I feel better in general.

The treatments are really Great because they deal not only with physical problems but with emotions as well. Emotions really do affect our bodies and how they function, so it really is nice to be able to learn about our emotions and get help with them.?

– Brandon R., Provo UT

Knee Pain:

? I have had bad knee pain for years now. I went to the medical doctor and he told me I have arthritis and there?s not much he could do for me. Since I have been d coming to Dr Makin and getting chiropractic, acupuncture and applied kinesiology I have felt MUCH MUCH BETTER! I can bend and use it in ways that I couldn?t before. I recommend him to anyone who doesn?t want to have to live with pain.?

– Francisco H., American Fork UT

Face Pain, Headaches, Chronic Low Back and Neck Pain:

?I first came to Dr. Makin for trigeminal nerve pain. I was having shooting nerve pain to my eye, nose, and lips on half my face. I was also having headaches in my right temple area. He performed treatment to my cranium, chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, and muscle testing. This is the first chiropractor to address my cranium, the pain and headaches decreased with each visit. Since starting to come see hime, 2 months ago, I no longer have my face pain or shooting pain to my temples. He has also taken time to help me with my chronic low back and neck pain that I have had for years. We also checked my meridians when I started and I was very low with my energy levels, they have increased as well. Overall, I am feeling BETTER! He takes the time to listen and doesn?t rush you in and out after an adjustment. I recommend Dr. Makin to my co-workers and family!?

– Arlis (Nurse), Lindon UT

Neck, Knee & Shoulder Pain, Stress:

?I have been completely satisfied with the treatment and results with Dr. Makin. I am 58 years old and have been a believer in & supporter of chiropractic care. I live a very active lifestyle and always choose my chiropractors based on their expertise in sports medicine and care, I enjoy great health and want to Optimize it. My neck, knees and shoulder seem to be my weak areas and I have had Positive Results with All of these. Though I still have some pain and discomfort, I feel very good with, and positive, about the direction I am headed with Dr. Makin. As an international pilot, I sit for long hours and build up a lot of stress in my neck and shoulders. I am getting Great Relief in those areas.?

– Doug J., Cedar Hills UT

Mountain Biking Accident, Low and Mid Back Pain:

?The needleless acupuncture has done wonders for the healing of my lower back injury. It has increased the healing process!?

– Frank P, Midvale UT

Neck Pain and Chronic Headaches:

?I have had my neck adjusted on a regular basis for years. I have had problems with regular headaches for years. After seeing Dr. Makin my neck is great and the headaches are better, but still there. I would recommend him to anyone, I feel this is the BEST treatment I have received for these problems.?

– Shawn T., Lindon UT

Drugs, Alcohol, Anxiety:

?My complaint when I first came here was that I had a hard time getting off drugs and always feeling nervous. I also had a serious problem with alcohol. My grandpa was an alcoholic and now he has trouble with smoking cigarettes. The results I got from these treatments were AMAZING. I stopped craving drugs and alcohol and being so nervous all the time. I feel more clean and normal. It has changed my life! I recommend it to everyone. I think the reason this works so well is because you guys actually care and treat everyone as individuals.?

– Stefany H., Am. Fork UT

Shoulder and Low Back Problems:

?I originally came in with a shoulder issue and it seems to be doing better. I?m in a lot less pain now. I?d never experienced applied kinesiology before now, it seems to be an effective way to quickly diagnose issues and imbalances.?

– T. Smith, Orem UT

Low Back Pain, Sciatica (leg pain), Headaches:

Mr. Skinner went from a pain scale of 10, 8 and 6 to a 4, 2, 4 for Low Back, Sciatica, headaches, respectively? within 4 visits. ?Treatments have helped with the leg pain! I would recommend him to family and friends!?

– N. Skinner, Orem UT

Chronic Neck and Back Problems, Stress:

?I have had trouble with my neck and back for several years now. It was making it difficult for me to find a comfortable position to sleep in and limiting my range of motion. At times I had a hard time turning my head to see traffic in my ?blind spot.? I had done some research and discovered I had adrenal fatigue but had not even thought to mention this to Dr. Makin. After he had done several tests and told me that I needed a supplement to support my adrenal system, I was very impressed! Now, after several weeks of adjustments and taking the supplement, I am sleeping better, moving more fluid, and am relieved of almost all of my chronic pain that I suffered with for years. I would recommend all my family and friends to come here if needed! I have received better care here than other places, by far!?

– Cora H., Orem UT

Rib and Back Pain:

?I was having some problems with my ribs. I had found out from another chiropractor that ribs could be adjusted and I knew that my wife had started getting worked on by Dr. Makin so I came in to get that fixed up. There was an instant relief after the first visit that continued to get better through the next two visits. The pain has been managed now for the most part, I continue to come in because of the changes that even the small adjustments have on my daily life.?

– Brian H., Orem UT

Severe Migraines and neck pain:

?I came here with severe headaches that came on 3-4 times a week. I have been visiting Dr. Makin for 4 months and now my headaches are less frequent and not as severe. I have recommended Dr. Makin to many friends and they are also happy with the results.?

– Jacquie, P.G. Utah

Chronic Headaches:

?I used to get a headache every day since I was in high school. I?ve tried a ton of remedies but this has been the only think to really keep them away. Getting my back straightened out again has helped me feel a lot healthier and more energetic. I?ve gone to other chiropractors but they didn?t make this much of a change because their visits were very short and he?d only make one adjustment per visit. I?ve been really happy with the results for both me and my husband. I have already recommended family and friends to come here.?

– Mollie M, Provo Utah

Neck Pain:

?I had experienced pain and stiffness in my neck for about a year. The treatment here has helped my neck not be so stiff and it no longer hurts when I wake up in the morning or at the end of the day. What I have been impressed with is that Dr. Makin adjusts and treats the whole spine and not just the problem area alone. He also gives a lot of good practical advice for preventing future spine problems.?

– Justin M, Provo Ut

Chronic Low Back Pain, Broken Back:

?I broke my back when I was 16 and have been fighting lower back pain for the last 9 years. Through Doctor Makin my lower back pain is almost completely gone. The technology that he uses in his practice is amazing and completely state of the art. I recommend Dr. Makin for anyone with any spinal problems, aches, or pains.?

– William G., Provo Utah

Thoracic pain, lifting injury:

?I had a lot of pain in my back due to lifting. I?m still a little sore, but getting better! I don?t have sharp pain in my back anymore. I would recommend Dr. Makin to others! I have people tell me that they have been to the chiropractor and they are more concerned with having them come back all the time than really fixing the problem. I feel like Dr. Makin really wants to fix the problem.?

– Mindy M., Salt Lake City, Utah

Weight Loss, Low Back Pain:

?Dr. Makin and his staff work around my hours trying to the time that works out best for me. No other doctor I have ever been to has been that accommodating to me and my needs. I will recommend him and his staff to everyone I know that could benefit from chiropractic, acupuncture and applied kinesiology.?

– Amy B., Logan UT

Scar Tissue, Leg Pain:

?I have severe myofascial scars from my knees to my hips from surgery. The scar tissue limits my mobility because it does not respond like healthy muscle tissue does. When I?m active and work my leg muscles, I get cramps and spasms. The pain prevents me from living a normal, active lifestyle.

Dr. Makin is treating me with multiple types of therapy; chiropractic, acupuncture, active release, massage, percussion, cold laser therapy and relaxation therapy.

I believe this holistic approach will provide the best possible outcome for me.?

– Julie, Orem Utah


Dolor de Rodilla:

?Hago mi testimonio que tenia mi rodilla mal en los rayos X. Salio que tenia artritis. De hace un ano. Ahora que recibo al chiropractic y acupuncture me he sentido bastante bien y lo recomendaria a los latinos que el Dr Makin es muy bueno.?

– Francisco H., American Fork UT