Physiotherapy and Rehab

Our office offers a large array of physical therapy modalities, every therapy we offer is cutting-edge and designed to get you back to doing what you love most!…
-COLD LASER THERAPY: speeds healing + reactivates muscles + reduces pain
-MYOFASCIAL SCRAPING (“Graston”, “ASTYM”): breaks up scar tissue / adhesions + triggers proper healing + improves flexibility
-SPINAL DECOMPRESSION: re-hydrates discs + reduces disc bulging + stretches tight tissues
-WHOLE BODY VIBRATION: improves neuromuscular communication + speeds reprogramming + increases strength
-MUSCLE TESTING + REACTIVATION (“Applied Kinesiology”): gets muscles working at 100% + increases strength and stability
-NEUROLOGICAL REHAB (“Quantum Neurology”): restores function and health to nervous system + speeds concussion recovery + reduces stress on body
-ACUPUNCTURE (Needle and Laser): balances the body + speeds healing + reduces pain
-PERCUSSION + MYOFASCIAL RELEASE (“ART”, “Active Release Technique”, “Muscle Works”): increases muscle health and flexibility + increases muscle strength + reduces pain and strain
-KINESIOLOGY TAPING (“KT Tape”, “Strength Tape”, “Rock Tape”): increases circulation and healing + improves neuromuscular communication + reducing pain
-ENERGY BALANCER FOOTBATH (“detox footbath”): balances energy + detoxifies the body + reduces pain
-INFRARED SAUNA: improves circulation + detoxifies the body + reduces pain
-GAIT AND ARCH SCANNING (“digital foot scan”): identifies weakness in gait + increases stability and function + prevents injuries
-ULTRASOUND THERAPY: improves blood flow + breaks up scar tissue + softens heel spurs
-ELECTRICAL STIMULATION (“Interferenial”, “muscle stim”): reduces muscle spasms + reduces pain + improves circulation
-NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS: help balance the body + heal weaknesses + improve health
-MASSAGE: reduce stress + improve muscle health + improve circulation
and more…