Auto and Whiplash

Have you been in a car accident? Do you wonder if you have whiplash? Wondering if you should get checked for neck or back whiplash after an auto accident?

Most people are surprised to find out that whiplash injuries can occur at extremely low velocity car crashes… studies show whiplash can occur at just 5 mph velocity change! It usually takes closer to 8 mph to cause vehicle damage… that’s why vehicle damage from a car accident is not a good indication of how much your soft tissues (you know, the same ones you’ll have with you your entire life) were really affected.
Studies estimate over 70% of whiplash sufferers who do not receive adequate treatment will have chronic whiplash symptoms 15 1/2 years later. We don’t want that to be you or your loved ones!!
We are WHIPLASH SPECIALISTS with advanced training in identifying and treating whiplash injuries… so, whether you are feeling whiplash pain or not, it’s worth it to get in and have a whiplash screening.
Utah law requires that all insurance policies carry PIP (personal injury protection) for each individual inside the car at the time of the accident. This means that in almost all cases your whiplash treatment is 100% covered by your auto insurance, NO extra COST to you and it does NOT raise your premium by using it. The great part about it is that you get to focus on getting better from your whiplash injury, not fighting with insurance companies to approve treatment.
So, if you’ve been in a Utah car accident… get in and get checked for whiplash. You won’t regret it if you DO but you’ll likely (70% chance) regret it if you don’t! We would love to have you come to our whiplash clinic because we pride ourselves in being the best in Utah (awarded Best of State – Medical Services)… but if you don’t come here, please get in somewhere… you owe it to your future self!

Dr Dallas Makin has specialized training treating whiplash injuries caused by auto and sports accidents. He is one of the few doctors in the state trained to identify and rehab injuries to the cranial nerves that often occur during whiplash and concussion injuries. Many whiplash and concussion injuries affect the victim’s health for the rest of their life, Dr Makin has specialized treatments to make sure that doesn’t happen to his patients! And everything he does is covered by your auto insurance, which means no cost to you!