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 Dr. Dallas Makin is a sports chiropractor who uses chiropractic, clinical acupuncture, applied kinesiology and physical therapies to treat athletes of all levels, whether a PGA pro or a weekend warrior.

As an athlete growing up, doctor Makin always had a passion for sports and staying in shape.

As a sophomore football player for American Fork High School he was the only one in his class to start on the varsity squad, then after receiving all-state honors his junior season Dallas was primed for a promising senior year. Approaching his senior year doctor Makin received numerous letters from major colleges throughout the nation (Like U of Michigan, U of Arizona, U of Colorado, U of Utah, BYU, Stanford, and many more), he was on top of the world, football was life? and life was good.

However, in the opening pre-season game of his long-awaited senior season, doctor Makin blew his ACL while returning a kick-off.  Dr. Makin went through the surgery and rehab process but missed his entire senior season, upon learning of this and his desire to serve a LDS mission? colleges changed their tune from ?full-ride scholarship? to ?call us when you get back.?

This was a life changing experience! From then on doctor Makin had a new found passion to work with the human body to prevent and recover from unfortunate sports injuries.

Doctor Makin has dedicated his career to learning the latest techniques in helping athletes in a natural, surgery-free way, and referring to the proper professional when surgery is inevitable.

He takes pride in his passion of seeing each patient respond positively, and would love the opportunity to help you in your health goals.

Dr. Jed Farley is a sports chiropractor that uses chiropractic, dry
needling/acupuncture, physiotherapy, and other manual therapies to treat athletes of all levels and abilities. Dr. Farley discovered rock climbing at a very young age and climbed at a professional level for many years. He has over 25 years of rock climbing experience. Before attaining his doctorate in Chiropractic he worked for many years as the Route Setting Director for Momentum Climbing Gyms. Dr. Farley has additional years of graduate level training from the University of Utah in performance and rehabilitation of the upper extremity, specifically the shoulder and hand. He is a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) and has worked for many years training athletes and rock climbers. Dr. Farley was a high school and collegiate athlete in track and cross-country running. He was a professional mountain guide for many years in North America and understands the importance of keeping the body in top condition in order to attain a high level of personal performance. Dr. Farley performs research in the Physical Therapy Department at the University of Utah keeping him up to date on current treatment and rehabilitation techniques. He is dedicated and takes pride in helping others to attain their highest level of performance and in getting patients back to performing.

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