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Headquartered in Pleasant Grove, UT, We are Utah?s premiere health care facility for treating athletes with all types of sports injuries, and doing it in a safe, conservative, fast and effective way.

Sport Injury Treatment

Our focus is the successful treatment of all sport related injuries through effective use of chiropractics, needle-less acupuncture, sports massage and more. Dr Makin and his entire staff are all current athletes. They participate in triathlons, RAGNAR’s, marathons, golf, crossfit and more… you can ALWAYS FEEL CONFIDENT they KNOW WHAT YOU”RE GOING THROUGH. Our focus is to effectively and safely treat all sports injuries:
  • Whiplash and Concussion therapy
  • Shin splints: The bain of all runners, using needleless acupuncture, we can treat shin splints
  • Ankle sprains: One of the most common sports injuries from tennis to baseball players, ankle sprain treatment can be painless and effective
  • Knee injuries
  • ACL injury: Often seen in basketball players and runners.
  • Thigh Injuries: Common sports injuries such as pulled Hamstrings, Thigh Strains, etc
  • Chronic Low Back Pain: Work related back injuries, etc.
  • Sciatica: Pregnacy related, Restless Leg Syndrome, etc.
  • Car accident injuries
  • Etc.

Athletic performance

Utah Spine and Sport is a DBA of The Health and Wellness Institute of Utah, LLC. ?We feel we are the best in the state at treating spinal and sports conditions and we want our name to reflect that!? ? Dallas Makin, DC. FASA. Give us a call for your free consultation (801) 709-9797

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