There are major myths about how chiropractic care fits in the scope of health care in our everyday lives. Most people are unaware of the benefits that come from chiropractic care and others are afraid because of the stories they have heard from others. ?Here are some of the major myths that are a road block to people receiving the benefits from visiting a chiropractor:

Myth 1:?Chiropractic adjustments are dangerous.
Fact: studies repeatedly show that not only is chiropractic safe but it is extremely healthy for your neuromuscular system, immune systems and lifestyle.
Myth 2: chiropractic adjustments to the neck can cause strokes.
Fact: extensive research has shown that anyone who has ever had a stroke following a neck adjustment has already had a pre-existing condition, they would have been just as likely to have the stroke while washing their hair at the barber. ?Chiropractic adjustments don’t cause strokes.
Myth 3: popping your joints is bad and causes arthritis
Fact: “popping” your joints does not cause any harm unless it is done improperly by jamming the cartilage on the bones into each other. Chiropractors are trained to adjust the joint properly so that it is safe and actually keeps the joint healthy by producing proteins called GAGs.
Myth 4: chiropractic care is more dangerous or risky than seeing a “family MD”.
Fact: chiropractors have the lowest malpractice insurance of any major medical provider, proving its superior safety. Furthermore, thousands of people die each year from “unnecessary medical injuries” such as medications, surgeries, infections, etc., while chiropractic has no reported deaths associated with it.
Myth 5: All chiropractors are the same
Fact: similar to MDs and dentists, chiropractic has a wide variety of specialties within the profession. These include sports chiropractors, auto accident and whiplash injury chiropractors, scoliosis chiropractors, rehab specialists, chiropractic neurologists, applied kinesiologists, clinical acupuncturists, internal medicine, nutritionists, myotherapists and more.
Myth 6: all chiropractic adjustments are the same
Fact: Just as there are a variety of specialties within chiropractic, there are also a wide variety of adjusting techniques. Most chiropractic schools teach several different techniques within their school but many chiropractors tend to migrate towards a few specific techniques that match their practice and personality.
Myth 7:?chiropractic school is inferior to medical school
Fact: chiropractic school is a very rigorous doctorate degree program that has equivalent hours and training of medical school. The biggest differences are that chiropractic has a heavier focus on physiology, anatomy, neurology and nutrition, whereas medical school focuses heavily on pathology, toxicology (medications) and emergency procedures.
Myth 8:?chiropractic care is expensive
Fact: Studies of insurance reports and other financial reports show that chiropractic care is dramatically less expensive than standard medical care and saves the economy millions of dollars.
There are 5 major reasons for this:
  1. ?The treatment itself is typically cheaper.
  2. Chiropractic care gets to the real cause of injury and illness instead of covering up the symptoms while the problem gets worse.
  3. Chiropractic care is preventive in nature, it is far cheaper (and dramatically more comfortable) to prevent injuries than to fix them once they occur.
  4. Chiropractic gets you back on your feet and working (making money) faster than costly surgeries and “resting it until it feels better”.
  5. Chiropractic patients have been shown to live healthier lifestyles all around, preventing other diseases, etc. and missing less work.
Myth 9: chiropractors want to keep seeing you over and over again to make money off you.
Fact: sadly, this may be the case for a very select few… (Again, not all chiropractors are the same, just like there are also bad dentists, etc out there and some really good ones) However, the great majority of chiropractors are focused on 3 things: 1- getting you out of pain, 2- fixing the cause of the problem that led to the pain and 3- preventing things from coming back…
This takes time and treatment, that’s just how the body truly heals. The average physical therapist will see a patient the same number of visits (or more)… Chiropractors just need to be a little better at explaining why they are recommending further treatment and what stage the patient is in (pain treatment, corrective treatment or preventive treatment).
Myth 10: once you’ve been adjusted you have to rely on it regularly
Fact: chiropractic adjustments are like exercise and dental check-ups. Once you’ve experienced how good you feel having it in your life, most people CHOOSE to make it a regular part of their lifestyle.
Feel free to call and schedule an appointment with us to come in and see how chiropractic can benefit your life. ?Here are some of the services we offer that can help you take charge of your health care and well being.